VENOM – STL FILES for 3D Printing


STL files Fan art for 3D printing.
Ready for print an awesome Venom statue? Let’s print!
Original size: 1/6 Scale.

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This project is a FAN ART.
The model is adapted for 3D printing.


Creative Concept of sculpting Venom for 3D Printing:
Immerse yourself in the action with this absolutely EPIC and badass fanart Venom sculpture ready for 3D printing!

Captured in a menacing pose, Venom stands on church ruins, ready to attack Symbiote Spiderman. At the forefront of the base, a ruined statue reminiscent of Michelangelo's "La Pietà," with angel wings inspired by "Winged Victory of Samothrace," is engulfed by the symbiote. Rusty metal beam fragments enhance the apocalyptic ambiance.

The threat in Venom's pose is palpable, emphasizing his eagerness to pounce on Spiderman. A must-have for any Venom fan.

EPIC Diorama - Hey! Unite the Three Statues for a Complete Experience:

These sculptures seamlessly integrate to create an epic diorama, capturing the intensity of a battle between Symbiote Spiderman, Venom, and Carnage in the heart of church ruins. Get the STL files individually or opt for the complete pack/bundle for an immersive experience of the symbiotic universe in 3D printing. Live the action, tension, and chaos with this exceptional diorama.