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Original size: 1/6 Scale.

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This project is a FAN ART.
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Creative Concept of sculpting Symbiote Spiderman STL Files for 3D Printing
Hey friends, dive into the epic world of Symbiote Spiderman with this incredible sculpture designed for 3D printing.

Inspired by the imposing design of "Symbiote Spiderman KING IN BLACK", this fan art statue depicts him at the center of a church ruin. Standing heroically, one arm reaching towards the sky, he discovers the symbiote invading his body.

His hand becomes venomized, sporting claws similar to Venom's, revealing his internal struggle between resistance and acceptance. With one foot on the broken bell, the symbiote extends around him, reacting to the bell's vibrations. The base, surrounded by dense smoke, attests to the recent battle's intensity.

If you like Symbiote Spiderman, it's A must-have for for your statue's collection! Can't wait to see you print this Symbiote Spiderman stl files!

EPIC Diorama - Unite the Three Statues for a Complete Experience

These sculptures seamlessly integrate to create an epic diorama, capturing the intensity of a battle between Symbiote Spiderman, Venom, and Carnage in the heart of church ruins. Get the STL files individually or opt for the complete pack/bundle for an immersive experience of the symbiotic universe in 3D printing. Live the action, tension, and chaos with this exceptional diorama.